Delivery Services Trends 2019

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I remember when I was a young kid when mom got done cooking she would call for us to come eat. I’ve got 2 brothers and a twin sister so she was always cooking for a full table. When mom didn’t cook she would load all of us up in the car and we would go get something either at the small town Steak House or we would go to Jack’s Hamburgers or The Cardinal Drive thru.

The Cardinal Drive Thru was similar to a Sonic Drive Inn because the worker actually brings the food to your car. Until recently, Sonic Drive Inn was the only type of fast food that was delivered and even then it was only 20 yards max. Besides Pizza, Chinese Restaurants in larger cities were the only companies that had delivery to your home besides maybe a few others but speaking in overall picture.

Jimmy Johns Subs was really the first to start delivering sandwiches. Its so important to there business model because most of their store fronts are usually in downtown areas so the space is limited because of parking and locations are generally very small in nature.

Fast Forward 12 years to 2019….

Now more and more restaurants are lacking traffic but the sales are up? You may think how can that be. Several startups like GrubHub, GrubSouth, Shoals TakeOut, Door Dash and Uber Eats have made it possible to order at any restaurant that they service and for a small fee the food will be brought to your front door. Yes these companies charges a fee just like Pizza has been done for years.

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