Do Online Reviews Matter?

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First of all let’s talk about what reviews are? Reviews are what people think about you, your company, or your brand. They let the public know what to expect when visiting your company or buying from your brand.

Some of the questions we will be discussing will be some of the following:

So where do people see reviews? How do we get reviews? How do we manage those reviews and more importantly do they really matter for the success of your company?

Where does people see online reviews?

In today’s generation customers find reviews on Facebook, Google, yelp, TripAdvisor, Google play, the App Store and other social media and online directories.  Facebook has change the way reviews is done on that platform Now Facebook users recommends and the wording in the recommend to give you a rating. Google and yelp still use the standard five star rating scale with comments about your experience.

How do we get reviews?

The sad truth about reviews is the lack of motivation for a customer to post a good review versus posting a bad experience. Another sad truth is that bad news seems to trump good news so…You either have to give your customers a wow experience for them to want to give you a great review or you have to limit the bad experiences because those will get posted more often. SpotOn platform comes with a free review management software. This software brings all the reviews into your customer management app so that you can catch bad reviews before they get out of hand and the bad news starts to snowball into comments about other customers bad experiences.

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By using spot on customer engagement software we can send customers emails asking about their experience. One of the things that spot on does really well is gain insight for what your customers think about your product or service before it goes public.

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Do online reviews really matter?

In my opinion, from my experience at the end of the day they really do separate your business from the ordinary and top companies in your business category. Let’s think about this for a second. Let’s say you’re traveling on vacation and you’re looking for a great place to eat, do you search for information on Facebook, Google or yelp? Do you ask the hotel front desk were a great place to eat? Do you ask your friends on Facebook for recommendations when you’re in the area? If you answered yes to any of these questions then yes reviews are important to you. Do you go online to express your bad experience when you eat in a place? If you answered yes to this question then yes reviews are important to you.

With more and more people are using their mobile devices for every day information and recommendations it’s very important to have a business review strategy for the good and bad reviews. Here at SpotOn we help with just that Using technology and half of class review management software. Of course there is review management software out there you can buy on a monthly subscription but we offer this service free with our SpotOn core platform.

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