How to Organize your Gmail Account to be more efficient

Ways your can organize your Gmail

If your like me, you dread checking your email because you got happy a couple nights while doing some online searching and signed up for a newsletter that you thought was interesting and wanted to read the information about that topic.  The bad thing is they get in the way of your emails that you really need to read from your contacts, leads, prospects or your corporate office.  Even from that list their are notifications that you get from Headquarters that are just notifications but your afraid to delete because they might be useful in the future.  Here are some steps we will walk through that will relieve some stress and get you headed in the right direction to be more organized and more efficient.  

We hope this video helps you organize your gmail so that you can be more productive in your business and personal life.  Organization is one of the key traits of top performing executives because most high producing executives have to battle multiple task and get pulled in several directions on a daily basis. 

About Author:

Bart Davis – Area Manager for SpotOn and SpotOn Restaurant

Being a small business owner for 20 years he has background in Food & Beverage, Real Estate Brokerage, small business consultant and operations manager in the outdoor industry. He currently still owns several business and has one of the most well known Restaurants in Alabama with 10,000 sq/ft music venue with full kitchen.  He loves helping new restaurants and leading his team to be the best they can be with the tools the lord gave them. 


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