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We hope you enjoy our 360 Merchant Group Blog and you learn something that may help you run your small business. Let us know if there is something that you want us to feature and we will do a article about the subject. 

Our blog categories will contain useful information about Merchant Processing, Point of Sale features, Industry Trends and much more. The information in our blogs are strictly our recommendations and options of our experience in business consulting over the years. Not all information might not fit your business exactly but hopefully you may gain some knowledge that may help you in some aspect of your small business.  

Best Wishes in the upcoming year,
Bart Davis – Owner 360 Merchant Group

Useful Information and Tips

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Easy ways to reduce your overhead in your restaurant

Restaurants are costly operations to run, and some of the largest expenses go toward paying overhead. Overhead refers to ongoing expenses that come with running a business, such as rent, utilities, advertising, and salaries. It is important to note though, that overhead only applies to expenses that are not directly related to producing goods, so

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How New Parents Shop for Fashion in the US

The arrival of a new baby can prompt purchases such as onesies, nursing bras and dad jeans. But new parents today don’t always feel that fashion brands understand their needs—especially as the early parenthood journey progresses. When Facebook IQ surveyed expecting and new parents in the US ages 18 and older, we found that newly

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Choosing the Right Point of Sale

Choosing the perfect Point of Sale system can be crucial for the success of your business.  It can also be a overwhelming task because there is so many features that comes with different systems these days. Below is a couple of things that you want to research before choosing your new Point of Sale. 1.

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Delivery Services Trends 2019

I remember when I was a young kid when mom got done cooking she would call for us to come eat. I’ve got 2 brothers and a twin sister so she was always cooking for a full table. When mom didn’t cook she would load all of us up in the car and we would

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