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The 360 Merchant Group’s Merchant Services and Payment Processing Blog will give you some helpful tips, strategies and need to know information to get the most out of your merchant service provider.

A few topics we will discuss in our blogs are the following:

  • What is merchant processing?
  • Why is it important to choose the right one?
  • What makes merchant service providers different?
  • Things to ask before signing an agreement with a merchant service provider?
  • The red flags to look out for when signing a merchant services agreement?

These are some a few of the topics we will tackle in educating you about Merchant Service and Payment Processing.  This business is a cut throat industry and you can be mislead very easily. 360 Merchant group is proud to offer transparent process from start to finish to uphold our reputation as a leader in the industry. We believe in a high standard and hold our employees to that same standard.

If you ever feel like you might have got mislead we will look at your agreement to see exactly the terms you have agreed to by all means let us help. You can Contact Us and we will respond as soon as possible to discuss the pro’s and cons of your Merchant Services agreement.

In conclusion, we meet 100’s of customers a year that have no idea what their agreements are or when they expire. It’s important to know the exact terms of your agreement, for example does your agreement have a early termination fee?

For more information on Merchant Agreements read more at our FAQ section of our site.  There is a lot of useful information on the site meant to help educate small business owners.

360 Merchant Group – Merchant Services and Payment Processing

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